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The WSF World Squash Federation Webinar meeting was held with the presence of Amir Azizipour, President of the Iran Squash Federation.

According to the official website of the Squash Federation, the World Squash Federation Webinar was held under the chairmanship of MsZena Wooldridge, the President of the World Squash Federation, with the presence of 58 countries and Amir Azizipour, the President of the Squash Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

This webinar lasted for more than 5 hours and several important agendas were discussed in it. How squash will participate individually and as a team and win continental quotas in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games were discussed and decided. to be approved in the next meeting.

In this meeting, the proposal of hosting the world championships in 2024 was also raised to be announced at the next meeting after review.

Also, changes in the constitution of the World Federation were approved by the majority of votes.

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